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Hemingway’s Ghost Cocktail By 3 Howls

I had the pleasure of exploring the 3 Howls Distillery in SODO a couple weeks back and trying some of their delicious spirits. (I’m a huge fan of their banana, blood orange, and rosemary vodkas!) Their spirits are made by geeks–the distillers have backgrounds in science and tech, and use […]

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Hocus Pocus Cocktails

For my birthday, I wanted a low key night where I watched Hocus Pocus (my favorite Halloween movie) with some friends. Apparently low-key to me means fall foods, pumpkin spice cupcakes, and three specialty cocktails inspired by the Sanderson sisters (and based on the color of their robes). The cocktails […]


Your Nerdy Bartenders: Secret of the Booze

Need a nerdy cocktail for your next party? Check out Secret of the Booze, a fantastic series on YouTube. Appropriately, their first drink was a TMNT-inspired Mutagen Cocktail. Start with that, stay for drinks from fandoms such as Iron Man, Die Hard, and LOTR. Yum!


PB&J Vodka

Want a vodka that will remind you of your favorite childhood lunch? Van Gogh has created a PB&J vodka that sounds very intriguing. They say: “The fragrance of our PB&J vodka is predominantly of peanuts complemented by the fresh fruit aroma of raspberry. In the mouth, the roles are reversed […]