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Game of Thrones Cookies Cutters

I’m anxiously waiting for the Game of Thrones season finale tomorrow, and thought I’d help the time go by a bit faster by making some Game of Thrones sigil cookies! I received these amazing 3D-printed sigil cookie cutters from WarpZone Prints. They have cookie cutters in pretty much every fandom […]

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Geeky Cookie Cutters

Guys, I’m gonna go broke and it’s going to be all WarpZone’s fault. The Etsy site has detailed Doctor Who cookie cutters made from a 3D printer. Doctor Who not your thing? The site also has great cookie cutters from fandoms such as Harry Potter, Mario, MLP, Meme faces, and […]

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Portal Cookie Cutters

The cake was a lie, but these cookies aren’t. These cookies cutters will allow you to make¬†sweet and sciency cookies for your very own companion. Set includes a Portal, Turret, Running Test Subject, Falling Test Subject, and multiple cutters to make a multi-layered Companion Cube. Plus the whole set comes […]

Fun Food

Ransom Cookie Cutters

I’m in love with these cookie cutters. Leave a ransom note and a little treat for the victim at the same time! I’m thinking a note to Mr. Geek saying “Do the Dishes” may be in order. These would also be fun left on a friend’s doorstep with a cryptic […]

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Personalized Cookies

This year’s anniversary was all about personalization. I gave my boyfriend this vodka bottle, but also made him some special cookies. After 5 years, chocolate chip just won’t do. (Click for larger image) These cookies, with love and robot themed phrases, were made especially for him based on some of […]