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On The Dark Knight Shooting

You are most likely aware of the shooting that occurred in the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises last night in Denver. It was a senseless act that cost at least 14 people their lives in a place where they thought they were safe and surrounded by the geek […]

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The Real World Value of Wayne Manor

Whether you’re getting set to see Dark Knight Rises tonight, or like me, are still recovering from the midnight screening, Batman’s most likely on your brain today. Take a peek at this infographic that breaks down the actual cost of the Wayne Manor–it’s pretty cool!

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Geek Fashion: Glow In The Dark Batman Gear

Light up a Dark Knight (ugh, sorry guys) with glow-in-the-dark tank sets and underwear sets. Your next slumber party (or date?) will be pretty fantastic with this tank set. The Batman logos both glow, and the tank top is cool enough to wear around normally. Batman Tank Set, $24.50 at […]