Geek Fashion: Glow In The Dark Batman Gear

Light up a Dark Knight (ugh, sorry guys) with glow-in-the-dark tank sets and underwear sets.

Your next slumber party (or date?) will be pretty fantastic with this tank set. The Batman logos both glow, and the tank top is cool enough to wear around normally.
Batman Tank Set, $24.50 at Hot Topic.

Run around like a little boy playing superheros in your very own Batman underwear. The all-over logo print glows in the dark, but my favorite would have to be the utility belt briefs. You can’t not feel like an undercover superhero when you’re wearing those.
Batman Hot Pants, $19.50 at Hot Topic.

No matter which one you get, you’ll be set for The Dark Knight Rises when it hits theaters July 20th.

(Source: Geek Alerts)


  1. The tank set is awesome! Is that at hot topic as well?

  2. Yep! Both sets are available at Hot Topic.

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