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Crafty Geek

Geeky Cross Stitch Kits

  These cross stitch kits will allow you to show off a bit of craftiness and your favorite animal (or pair of eyesight-enhancers). I’m loving the designs above, as well as the corgiĀ and narwhal. Oh, and the mermaid! The kits are available for $18 each at Fab.com.

Geeky Fashion

Threadless $10 Tee Sale!

Waking up to a Threadless $10 tee sale is a bit like waking up on a holiday, except you didn’t know it was going to happen. I’ve been perusing the site, trying to narrow down my choices all day, but I’ve got to act quick, because most of these are […]

A Geeky Home

T-Rex Trophy Wall Sculpture

When normal taxidermy just won’t do, put up this T-Rex Trophy Wall Sculpture. It says “I’m a bad-ass time traveler” better than any other piece of home decor could. Have a DinoPrint? Put this up right next to it to tell a story. A classy, classy story. T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy […]

Fun Food

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope it’s “Dino-Mite”! (I know, but I couldn’t resist.) This cake was given to me by Mr. Geek for V-Day 2010. The randomness is all him. The cake-wrecks-worthy “…on somewhere” is courtesy of Costco.