Geeky Cross Stitch Kits

cross stitch collage


These cross stitch kits will allow you to show off a bit of craftiness and your favorite animal (or pair of eyesight-enhancers). I’m loving the designs above, as well as the corgi and narwhal. Oh, and the mermaid!

The kits are available for $18 each at


  1. I really wish I had (erm…made) time for cross stitch because after seeing Jurassic Park yesterday I want to do the T-Rex. This is the current kit I’m working on from Ada Fruit (

  2. Those are kind of pricy considering how basic they are. That is not even $5 in materials. And to only get one color of floss, its just not a very good deal.

  3. Nicole, that looks awesome!

    Cherisse, yeah, if you’re an avid crafter and have some of those tools available (or know what to get on your own) it’s not a great deal, but if you’re looking to just do a quick craft and want this particular design on your wall, then it’s not terrible. Cheaper than a lot of prints out there!

  4. Another fun idea is to use pixel art from video games. Embroidery floss is super cheap and comes in a massive variety of colors. 🙂

  5. Great idea, Suzanna!

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