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Crafty Geek

Geeky Cross Stitch Kits

  These cross stitch kits will allow you to show off a bit of craftiness and your favorite animal (or pair of eyesight-enhancers). I’m loving the designs above, as well as the corgiĀ and narwhal. Oh, and the mermaid! The kits are available for $18 each at Fab.com.


“Sexy Hotness” Sleeping Bags

Looking for a practical and (dare I say it?) sexy sleeping bag for your next camping trip? The “Sexy Hotness” sleeping bag has zippers along the side that allow you to connect to other sleeping bags for a warm and cozy night. When you aren’t sleeping, your sleeping bag on […]

Geeky Fashion

Trendy Temporary Tats

Gone are the days of the butterfly and dragon tattoos. A group of designers that wanted something a bit more contemporary have teamed up to create Tattly, and they’ve been selling out quickly ever since. Fab.com, a new discount design site, is offering some sampler packs of these tattoos for […]