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Inside the Oscar Envelope

The Oscars are tonight, and like any big event, every detail has been thought of, including the look of the outside AND inside of the famous Oscar envelopes. Only presenters have really gotten to see the inside of these envelopes until now! I personally think they’re gorgeous and make a […]

Geek Etiquette

Geek Etiquette: Be Willing to Change

I love collecting vintage self-help books. It’s fascinating to see what ideas and guidelines have changed over the years, and what have stayed exactly the same. This past week, I picked up a copy of “American Etiquette” from 1926. Along with chapters on visiting cards (WTF are those?) and chaperones, […]


Harry Potter Themed Wedding Invites

Want to add a geeky, Harry Potter flair to your wedding while keeping it classy? These invitations are where it’s at. Inspired by the Marauder’s Map, the designer creates a special map sharing the timeline of your love story,┬áintertwining┬áits way into the main invitation. The invites aren’t cheap, but are […]

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Wedding Geekspiration

While planning my wedding, I scoured every wedding blog and site possible for inspiration. Now that I’m done, I hope to give back a bit for those who are now in the midst of planning theirs. So, here are some of the geeky or personal touches we had at our […]