Harry Potter Themed Wedding Invites

Want to add a geeky, Harry Potter flair to your wedding while keeping it classy? These invitations are where it’s at.

Inspired by the Marauder’s Map, the designer creates a special map sharing the timeline of your love story,┬áintertwining┬áits way into the main invitation. The invites aren’t cheap, but are likely to be treasured by all of your guests (and would look great framed on a wall once you’re a newlywed!).

“Romance Managed” invitations, $7.24 each. Available at OneLittleM.com.


(Source: When Geeks Wed)



  1. OHMAHGOSH!! These are unbelievable! Must have.

  2. How awesome. I would love to see how this theme plays out into the wedding. Divide the tables into Quidditch positions? Sort people into different houses? Serve butter beer?

  3. Yes to all of those things–that would be a fantastic wedding!

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