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Geeky Fashion

Show Off Your Nerd Cred

You’ve watched the shows, played the games, and fixed your parents’ computer. Now sure the world that you’ve earned the title “Geek.” (Or “Nerd” or whatever your label of choice may be.) This shirt (by fellow geek site Nerd Approved) is super fun and would make a fantastic addition to […]

A Geeky Home

TARDIS Front Door

Wow. Want the coolest door on the block? These TARDIS decals will make that happen. Paint your door blue and keep it up year-round, or dress up your house for Halloween. The decals will work on other things as well–perhaps a TARDIS fridge is in order? Police Box Door Decal, […]

A Geeky Home

Video Games on Your Walls

Want to add some gaming cred to your room? Do what Zaphrozz did: paint the logos of all your favorite games on your walls! Red a little too much for your room? Find two colors really close to each other (like white and eggshell) and paint with that. It’ll add […]

A Geeky Home

Geeky Bookends

Knob Creek Metal Arts have created SO many amazing bookends that you’ll have a tough time picking your favorite. They have words and designs that will accentuate the types of books you most like to read. I’m loving this dragon and knight set–it would be perfect to hold all of […]

A Geeky Home

Emo Droid Prints

Love Star Wars and a bit of Dashboard Confessional? These prints will be perfect for you. Made by Chris Gerringer (of PaperBeatsScissors), the images show the softer and sadder side of your favorite droids. Hang them up wherever you like to get a bit introspective. Droid Feelings collection, $14.57-$24.96 each […]

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Swords from A Game of Thrones

Still looking for that final epic gift? Need something awesome for your mantel? Easy. Get one of these sweet swords modeled after the descriptions in the Game of Thrones book. The swords (and warhammer) are officially licensed and made from the highest quality materials by Valyrian Steel. They’re selling out […]

A Geeky Home

Inventory Whiteboard

Shopping lists will never be as cool as this inventory whiteboard. You’ll feel like an adventurer as you remind yourself to pick up more eggs, bread, mead, and maybe a mace or two. Isn’t that what’s on your weekly shopping list? Inventory Whiteboard, $20 at Topatoco. (Source: Nerd Approved.)

Gift Ideas

HTML For Babies

It’s never to early to make sure your child is learning the important things. As someone who uses HTML daily, I would have loved to have started my education at a younger age. This book is volume one in the three-part “Web Design for Babies” series. Keep an eye out […]