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It’s Emerald City Comicon!

Just a reminder that I’m out and about at Emerald City Comicon starting today! If you’re there, find me and say “Hi!” If you can’t make it, just follow along with my adventures on Twitter. Here’s a reminder of the panels I’ll ┬ábe at. You can see the full listings […]


Extra Life: 24 Hours of Gaming for Kids

Extra Life is coming up on October 20th, and I’ll be doing it bigger and better than ever this year. I’ve teamed up with Team Hypercube, Satire, and a whole bunch of special guests to game for 24 hours straight. We’ll have an amazing tech set up with multiple cameras […]


The Future of Geeky Hostess

I’m so thrilled to be back in Seattle and out of the shiny claws of the wedding industry. Now I can put my focus on Geeky Hostess and all of the amazing things I have planned for it! Keep an eye out for: -Recaps and tips on how to keep […]