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Legend of Zelda Nursery

This Legend of Zelda nursery took 150+ hours over a 3 month period to paint. I can’t imagine ever doing that well of a job painting, even if someone put paint-by-numbers up on the wall. Think you have what it takes to paint something like this? You can see their […]

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Video Games on Your Walls

Want to add some gaming cred to your room? Do what Zaphrozz did: paint the logos of all your favorite games on your walls! Red a little too much for your room? Find two colors really close to each other (like white and eggshell) and paint with that. It’ll add […]

A Geeky Home

Calvin and Hobbes Playroom

This guy wins “Dad of the Year” for this amazing painting of Calvin and Hobbes for his son’s playroom. What a great way to encourage a sense of imagination and adventure in your child! And props for the artistry. I can’t even stay in the lines when painting my nails, […]