Legend of Zelda Nursery

This Legend of Zelda nursery took 150+ hours over a 3 month period to paint. I can’t imagine ever doing that well of a job painting, even if someone put paint-by-numbers up on the wall.

Think you have what it takes to paint something like this? You can see their painting process beginning about 2 minutes into the video. For the rest of us? We can at least get inspired by the creativity.


  1. And that’s just the beginning of this child’s life. You can only imagine how much fun this child will be surrounded by with all that creativity!!!!!! How fun to grow up in that household with that dad! I wonder if he makes house calls?

  2. Tara,
    Thanks for the write up, I appreciate you sharing our room! I have to say it was at the same time harder and easier than I thought it would be.

    Can’t wait to have a little kid to fill the room with 😉

  3. Congrats in advance on your new child, and well done again on the room!

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