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Portal Room

Lauren created a fantastic room themed around Portal. I’m loving the mirrors, the detailing/shading on the walls, and all of the artwork. She took plenty of pictures and recorded everything she did (and everything she bought) to make the room, and put it all on a blog titled “The Portal […]

Fun Food

Ellen McLain Bakes a Cake

Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS, bakes a cake while telling us about her new short film that’s currently being Kickstarted. If you donate enough money, she’ll even bake a cake for you! No lie. Visit her Kickstarter page here.

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Giant ThinkGeek Sale!

I know you’ve been looking for an excuse to grab some new stuff from ThinkGeek, so allow me to be the one to tell you: “Treat Yo Self.” They’re having a huge sale with items up to 75% off. It would be wrong not to place an order, right? (Right?) […]

Geeky Fashion

Companion Cube Underwear

When you need to show the love to your companion, make sure you’re rocking the Companion Cube underwear from Jinx. Just… you know. Stay away from fires. Companion Cube Women’s Briefs, $12.99 at Jinx.com. (Source: So Geek Chic)

A Geeky Home

Geeky Candles

While searching Etsy for Tardis-themed goodies (what, like you haven’t done that?) I came across Bubble and Geek, an amazing geeky-themed candle shop. Their TARDIS candle is vanilla custard-flavored, and their Portal candle smells like chocolate cake (no lie). Take a look at their full collection here! Candles range in […]

A Geeky Home

Inflatable Sentry Turrets

Building a giant experiment? Need some protection? Want to spice up your pool party? These Life-Size Inflatable Sentry Turrets from ThinkGeek should do the trick. Available for $24.99 each or 3 for $59.99 at ThinkGeek.com.

A Geeky Home

Geeky Etched Glassware

Fanboy Glass has taken all of your favorite geeky shows and games and turned them into your newest set of glassware. His shot glasses, pint glasses, mugs and wine glasses range in price from $7-22 each and feature artwork inspired from Buffy, Portal, Doctor Who, My Little Pony, and more. […]

Fun Food

Portal Cookie Cutters

The cake was a lie, but these cookies aren’t. These cookies cutters will allow you to make¬†sweet and sciency cookies for your very own companion. Set includes a Portal, Turret, Running Test Subject, Falling Test Subject, and multiple cutters to make a multi-layered Companion Cube. Plus the whole set comes […]

Fun Food

Make Food From Your Favorite Video Game

Gourmet Gaming is blog out of the UK that shows you how to make real-life replicas of food you see in video games. It updates every Wednesday. Even if you don’t know how to cook with grams, the pics should provide enough inspiration to get you experimenting on your own! […]