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Geeky Fashion


The name of the game today is dressing for comfort. I’m flying and getting in just in time to grab my badge and freshen up for preview night. This outfit will take me from home to the air to the hotel room to the convention center easily! Amazing Spider-Man tank […]

Geeky Fashion

Geeky Fashion: “Army of Darkness” Dress

This Ash Dress by Nerd Alert Designs is a fashionable way to cosplay, and a geeky way to dress up your daily life. In one word, it’s S-Mart. Check out all of the other amazing goodies at Nerd Alert Designs, including Spider-man earrings and TARDIS skirts. Ash Dress, $125 at Etsy.

A Geeky Home

Geeky Minimalist Prints

Mr. Geek and I have been looking for more artwork for our home lately, and as soon as I saw these prints, I placed an order. Andrew Heath’s prints are the perfect mix of geeky and artsy, and you can’t go wrong with a Doctor Who/Twilight Zone mashup! These prints […]

Entertaining, Libations

Superhero Ice Cubes

On beautiful days in Seattle (like today), the whole city stops to stare out the window, take walks, fill patio seating parties thanks to an event seating rental, and look for a nice cold beverage. If you’re entertaining on a day like that, these ice trays will make your beverages […]

Gift Ideas

Petsmart Teams Up With Marvel

Petsmart has teamed up with Marvel to produce a line of clothing and toys for pets. Items include shirts, bandannas, tug toys, frisbees, plush toys and balls. They are also creating a line of aquarium filters branded with some of today’s most beloved characters. Look for them in stores near […]

Geeky Fashion

OPI Spider-man Collection

OPI has announced a Spider-man collection to be released in May. You’ll have plenty of time to grab your favorite colors and perfect your manicure for the movie’s release on July 3! I, as well as almost every nail polish and fashion blog, am obsessed with “Just Spotted the Lizard.” […]