Superhero Ice Cubes

On beautiful days in Seattle (like today), the whole city stops to stare out the window, take walks, fill patio seating parties thanks to an event seating rental, and look for a nice cold beverage.

If you’re entertaining on a day like that, these ice trays will make your beverages a bit more super. The Marvel tray makes ice shaped like The Thing, Captain America, The Hulk, and Iron Man. Want to add a few heroes to your party? You can also pick up Spider-Man and Batman trays.

The Marvel tray is $11.00 and available at

(Source: Geek Alerts)

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  1. Actually it’s surprising that Marvel hasn’t splmiy taken the parallel universe concept one step further and actually made both red state and blue state titles; in the red state universe the heroes are patriotic, brave, manly and can be distinguished easily from the villains; in the blue state universe, they are…pretty much the way you’ve seen them in the past decade or so. Marvel could double its sales by not just catering to one side of the political spectrum. They’ll be rich! Rich, I tell you! Mwaa haa haaa haaa!

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