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The Caperon

Do you think of yourself as part Captain America, part Wizard, part God of the Grill? Then this is the item for you. This caped apron will show off your patriotic pride while flapping gracefully in the wind. There’s no other way to grill. Makes a perfect Father’s Day gift […]

Gift Ideas

Pixel Heart Mug

  Some people don’t feel fully alive until they have their morning coffee or tea. With this Pixel Heart mug, you can make sure the whole world knows that. The heart fills up red once you pour a hot liquid in the mug, proving that you’re ready for any boss […]

Fun Food

Edible Helium Balloon

Molecular Gastronomy has been responsible for creating some weird dishes: parmesan foam and ketchup caviar comes to mind. This, however, may be one of the most unusual dishes I’ve seen. This edible helium balloon from Chicago-based Alinea Restaurant is made from apple, and I’m assuming is served as a dessert. […]