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Giant ThinkGeek Sale!

I know you’ve been looking for an excuse to grab some new stuff from ThinkGeek, so allow me to be the one to tell you: “Treat Yo Self.” They’re having a huge sale with items up to 75% off. It would be wrong not to place an order, right? (Right?) […]

Geeky Fashion

Doctor Who Knee Socks

Show your love of the Doctor with these bright and cozy socks. I’m personally a fan of the TARDIS design myself–it would go perfectly with my TARDIS dress from BlackMilk! Here’s hoping they make a Silence design next. When people look away from you, they’ll think you’re wearing nothing at […]

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ThinkGeek’s Charm Bracelet

If you were to believe the ads that are everywhere around this time of year, you’d think every woman wanted a European-style charm bracelet with the following “unique” and “personal” items on it: flip flops, a crystal birthstone, a ladybug, the Eiffel Tower, and a purse. I’ve never in my […]

Geeky Fashion

8-Bit Sunglasses

While at SDCC, I ran into a guy wearing the coolest 8-bit sunglasses. He bought them on Ebay, because the only ones available new were extremely expensive. ThinkGeek must have overheard us chatting, because now they have awesome and affordable 8-bit sunglasses for us all! At only $7.99 a pair, […]

Gift Ideas

Plane and Tank For Your Cat

I’ve been eyeing these play houses for my cat for a while, and now that they’re on sale, I think I’m gonna have to get one. The toughest decision: Plane or tank? Cat Play House, $19.99 each (normally $24.99) at ThinkGeek.com.

Geeky Fashion

Captain America Bangle Bracelet

Show your Avengers/American pride with this Captain America Bangle Bracelet. The bracelet is a subtle and fashionable way to sneak a bit of geek into your wardrobe. WARNING: Do not use as a shield. It’s much too tiny. Captain America Bangle Bracelet, $29.99 at¬†ThinkGeek.com. (Source: GeekAlerts)

A Geeky Home

Building Block Furniture

Want to build your furniture with LEGOs, but the primary colors not doing it for you? Are the pieces just not comfortable to sit on? Give these a try! The DIY Building Blocks Furniture can be used by kids and grown-ups alike to things like chairs, desks and shelving. This […]

Gift Ideas

It’s Cyber Monday!

Tons of great online stores are having some awesome sales today. Check out the deals and buy a little something for yourself or someone off your gift list! Geek Chic Cosmetics has everything on sale for 30% off, plus free shipping and additional goodies for orders over $50. Global Giving […]

Fun Food

Ransom Cookie Cutters

I’m in love with these cookie cutters. Leave a ransom note and a little treat for the victim at the same time! I’m thinking a note to Mr. Geek saying “Do the Dishes” may be in order. These would also be fun left on a friend’s doorstep with a cryptic […]