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State Your Proclamation!

I saw one of these in a little magic/fantasy shop in Italy, and am thrilled to see ThinkGeek.com is selling them: I think this makes the perfect announcement/menu/welcome board for parties. And when your sig other/roommate/kid forgets to do their chores, it’s pretty much the perfect way to remind them. […]


Molecular Cocktails

‘ Molecular Gastronomy has been catching on, but what about cocktails? This book and kit, sold by Think Geek, will get you set to make foamy drinks, gels and capsules, and even a drink that glows in the dark. Sounds like a great way to liven up the next cocktail […]

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Give Your Cat the City

Cats are lovely, but we all have to admit: they have a bit of an evil side to them. So why wouldn’t they love this “Cats Attack” scratching post? If I thought my cat would use it, I would buy it in a heartbeat. But something tells me she’d rather […]