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Gritty Mario Reboot: The Four Players

“The Four Players” have been around since November, but I just got around to watching them this week. I was expecting some fun little videos showing grittier sides of the four player characters in Super Mario Bros., but I was blown away at the quality. There’s great acting, singing, and […]


Grand Theft Auto V: The Movie

My friends at Cinesaurus asked me to be a part of their most recent video, and I had a blast getting to nag and yell at a fictional husband for a night. The finished product is a look at Grand Theft Auto V if it became a bit Inception-ized. It’s […]


Help Me Become a Geek and Sundry Vlogger!

I submitted my new “Geek Etiquette” vlog to Geek and Sundry’s vlogger search, and I’ve moved on to the “community feedback” portion. Basically, Geek and Sundry wants to know if you would be interested in a regular Geek Etiquette show. If you’d like to see me chatting about etiquette tips […]


Your Nerdy Bartenders: Secret of the Booze

Need a nerdy cocktail for your next party? Check out Secret of the Booze, a fantastic series on YouTube. Appropriately, their first drink was a TMNT-inspired Mutagen Cocktail. Start with that, stay for drinks from fandoms such as Iron Man, Die Hard, and LOTR. Yum!


Slumber Con

Missing conventions? Don’t have anyone nerdy and awesome near you? Just want an excuse to watch some cute, funny, geeky ladies interview people in their pajamas? You need Slumber Con! This show looks so cute and makes me go “Why didn’t I think of that first?” Guess I’ll just have […]

Geeky Fashion

Introducing: OneUpMakeup

A couple weeks ago, I gathered together with my friends Liz, Kristina, Meagan, Mallory, and Molly and put together a geeky makeup channel. I swear, filming with this group of girls was like being at an awesome sleepover: I was giggling like crazy the whole time while we played with […]