Grand Theft Auto V: The Movie

My friends at Cinesaurus asked me to be a part of their most recent video, and I had a blast getting to nag and yell at a fictional husband for a night. The finished product is a look at Grand Theft Auto V if it became a bit Inception-ized. It’s pretty sweet. Check it out (and look for my two cameos) here:

You can also see an extended cut of the scene where I’m yelling at Michael in the Behind the Scenes. They gave me some background info on the characters and let me run with it. It was a lot of fun! (My part starts at 6:55, but the whole video is really interesting!)

Will you be picking up GTA V tonight when it comes out?


  1. I’m just gonna say that this concept is totally killer (pardon the pun) and should TOTALLY be used for a future GTA-style game. Holy crap, that was amazing!

  2. not the personal trainer!!!!!!!!! nooooooooo! 😛 Awesome, yet another well done video by those guys! And you always seem to rock improve, nicely done

  3. “Wow, this is our very first geeky postess!” -Zimm

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