The Cutest Taxidermy- Misfit Menagerie

Faux Taxidermy - X-LG Buck - Raindrops

Are you looking for some adorable faux taxidermy? Nope, it’s not Chuck Testa, it’s Misfit Menagerie. These stuffed animals come in a variety of colors and designs, and are sure to add a quirky and humane touch to your walls. Plus, I’ve seen some unicorns and narwhals from her that are amazing. Keep checking back in her store to see if they’ll return!

Faux Taxidermy, $38-75. Misfit Menagerie.


  1. Just sayin’ this girl rips people off. Paid her for an item, was quoted 4 weeks production time…four months later it’s marked as shipped but no item. She completely ripped me off. Awful communication etc etc. There are tons of other artists out there to purchase from, and they actually send the item to their customers.

  2. I’d just like to reply to Alice and say that I did refund her purchase since her item got lost in the mail 🙂 And thank you Geeky Hostess for profiling my shop! I have a lot of happy customers and I have bloggers to thank for that!

  3. I’m so glad to hear! Keep up the great work!

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