The GH Wishlist: Mod Cloth

The Geeky Hostess will be posting her holiday wishlists at some of her favorite online shops over the next week. Use them as a guide to creating your own holiday wish list or find the perfect gift for the geeky host(ess) in your life!

I’ve known Mod Cloth as a “site that sells cute dresses” for a long time, but have just discovered that they sell home goods as well. And, oh man, are they cute. Here are some of my faves:

Ro-bottler Opener, $16.99.
This makes me giggle every time I see it, and would certainly make opening bottles more enjoyable. Bonus: His mouth works as a bottle cap opener!

Mustache Baking Mold, $14.99.
This would make the perfect cake, ice sculpture, and gelatin mold for manly parties.

Marks the Plot Coaster Set, $24.99.
We’ve been looking for new coasters, and I think these ones are awesome. They would serve as an ice breaker and way to remember which drink is yours! (Plus, you’ll look extra classy.)

Ice Age Tray, $9.99.
Dino ice cubes will class up any drink! Bonus: This could also be used to make chocolates!

Jaws of Cooking Oven Mitt, $17.99.
This is ridiculous. No other reason needed.

What I’m Giving:

Galaxy Socks, $11.99.
These cute socks will be loved by all of my sciency friends!

Check out for all this and more. Order by 12/17 and you’ll get free shipping with orders of $75 or more!

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