The GH Wishlist: Uncommon Goods

The Geeky Hostess will be posting her holiday wishlists at some of her favorite online shops over the next week. Use them as a guide to creating your own holiday wish list or find the perfect gift for the geeky host(ess) in your life!

Uncommon Goods is a newer find for me. They have collection of host(ess) gifts and home decor, and it’s all different enough to be cool, but not geeky enough to scare some of the friends and family away. See what made my wishlist from the site:

Distortion Candlesticks, $24.00.
Candlesticks make every dinner party a bit more complete, and these ones will be perfect for those Willy Wonka/Mad Hatter/Salvador Dali parties.

Sneaker Customization Kit, $45.00.
Now I can make my own geeky shoes/sneakers!

Index Cutting Boards, $80.00.
These cutting boards will always be handy in their stainless steel case, and you’ll be able to make sure your food is safe (and vegetarian-friendly) with indexed boards for raw meat, seafood, cooked food, and veggies.

Rainbow Hors D’oeuvres Set, $44.00.
This hors d’oeuvres set displays your treats in an easy, accessible, and classy way. Mini cake pops and truffles would look fantastic here!

Theory of Relativity Kindle Case, $50.00.
When I carry my Kindle around in this baby, people are going to think I’m doing something way more intelligent than reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants. The case is also available for an iPad 2 for $70.00.

What I’m Giving:

I Can’t Sleep Journal, $16.00.
My friends are known for coming up with great ideas. And luckily, most of them act on them and create some really neat projects. This journal would be perfect for them to have on their bedside for when those late-night ideas strike.

Pick up something for your uncommon friends at

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