The GH Wishlist: Think Geek

The Geeky Hostess will be posting her holiday wishlists at some of her favorite online shops over the next week. Use them as a guide to creating your own holiday wish list or find the perfect gift for the geeky host(ess) in your life!

Think Geek and their mascot, Timmy, constantly keep their store filled with the best geeky products. Whenever I need to put a wishlist together for my birthday or Christmas, it’s the first site I turn to. Here are a few things on my wishlist this year:

Cylon T-Shirt, $27.99.
I thought up a shirt very similar to this and tried to make it recently, but found out I’m not skilled in drawing realistic spines. So instead, I’ll just purchase this one, created by Her Universe! (The shirt is currently sold out at Think Geek, but is still available from Her Universe.)

Caffeinated “Magic” Brownie Mix
, $13.99.
Best slumber party/game night snack ever? Plus, I could dissect the mix a bit and learn how to make it myself from scratch. (Insert evil laughter here.)

Hand-forged Feasting Utensils, $49.99 (currently on sale for $39.99).
These utensils are the best for LOTR, Game of Thrones, and D&D-style feasts. Plus it comes with a holster, so you can look totally bad-ass while bringing your own utensils to the Ren Faire.

Timmy’s Tea Sampler, $17.99 (currently on sale for $14.99).
These tea canisters are the cutest! I’d love to have them on display when guests arrive. The teas all sound great, and it’s a nice mix to suit everyone’s tastes.

Moldable Magic Chocolate Kit, $6.99.
I could create some really cute decorations out of this moldable chocolate without worrying about it melting. But I’d probably limit my usage to one time only. I feel more than that would make it pretty disgusting.

What I’m Giving:

Cosmic Catnip Bubbles, $4.99.
My cat is actually going to do paranoid little back-flips when I give her this gift. The rest of us will greatly enjoy it. has something for every geek on your list, check it out!

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