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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: September 20

This week has been book-ended with weddings, which means love is all around! I’m such a sucker for weddings. There’s a romantic story with a happy ending, dancing, cake, and a themed party. I can’t get enough. While I pack my waterproof mascara and fancy dresses, check out some of […]

Crafty Geek

Geeky Cross Stitch Templates

Looking for a fun summer project? Take up cross stitching! HalloweenCostumes.com created some geeky cross stitch patterns that you can download for free. They represent fandoms including Back to the Future, Mario, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, and Minecraft. If you get started now, these could make really […]


Tara’s a “Cooking Superstar!”

I’m pleased to be Cut Out and Keep‘s “Cooking Superstar” of the week! Each day this week they’ll be showcasing one of my cupcake recipes. I picked out a bunch of my favorites, so if you’re new to the blog or want a refresher on some of the best cupcakes, […]

Crafty Geek

Comic Book Kit

Making your own comic book just got easier thanks to Todd Oldham, of all people. His “Kid Made Modern” line of craft products for Target includes this Comic Book Kit, which comes with paper, markers, stencils, stamps, and stamp pads. All you need now is an idea! Comic Book Kit, […]

Crafty Geek

Contest: Knits for Nerds

I received an amazing book in the mail recently titled “Knits for Nerds“. The book has 30 knitting projects all based on things from our favorite shows, books, and activities. The only problem? I don’t knit. Correction: I knit lumpy scarves with the best of them (and I LOVE my […]

Crafty Geek

Illusion Knitting

Seattle is in a city-wide snow day today, and I can’t think of anything more cozy than staying inside all day, drinking tea and knitting. Turn cozy into epic with an illusion knitting pattern. Maybe illusion knitting’s been around for a while, but I was just introduced to it yesterday […]

Crafty Geek, Gift Ideas

DIY Literary Gifts

There’s nothing better than being cozy with a good book in the winter. But when  you have errands to run and holiday parties to visit, it can be pretty hard to find the time. With these crafts, you can still bring that familiar book feeling wherever you go. These make […]

Gift Ideas

The GH Wishlist: Uncommon Goods

The Geeky Hostess will be posting her holiday wishlists at some of her favorite online shops over the next week. Use them as a guide to creating your own holiday wish list or find the perfect gift for the geeky host(ess) in your life! Uncommon Goods is a newer find […]

Crafty Geek

Geeky Pumpkins

Geeky Hostess readers are amazing. Just check out these geeky pumpkins they’ve created: Pacman pumpkin by Steve and Shannon (and the prompt for this post!) Triforce pumpkin by Tom Nord The Corinthian (from the Sandman series) by Emily Allen. “Though, lit up in the dark, it looks more like a […]