Contest: Knits for Nerds

I received an amazing book in the mail recently titled “Knits for Nerds“. The book has 30 knitting projects all based on things from our favorite shows, books, and activities. The only problem? I don’t knit. Correction: I knit lumpy scarves with the best of them (and I LOVE my lumpy scarves). But when faced with amazing projects like a baby elf hat, a Star Trek: TNG-inspired sweater or dress, or a laptop bag that doubles as a chess board, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do them justice. So I want to pass on the amazingness to you!

The book’s projects range from easy to advanced (easy includes a scarf inspired by Jayne’s hat from Firefly, and advanced includes a stuffed robot inspired by the Cybermen from Doctor Who) and most of the projects are cute on their own–your non-nerdy friends may never know that the shrug you’re wearing is actually inspired by Galadriel from LOTR. For those who are newer to knitting, there’s a great “abbreviations and techniques” section in the back that includes full color pictures on how to do certain knits. Even I would be able to figure it out!

I’m guessing you want to know how to get this book in your little knitting hands. You have three ways to enter! (Leave a comment for each entry for it to count more than once.)

  1. Leave a comment with the nerdiest/geekiest knitting project you’ve ever done.
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This contest is open to residents of the US only, since I’ll be shipping the book out myself. A winner will be chosen on Thursday, March 15th at noon. Good luck!

Don’t want to take your chances and would rather just buy the book? It’s available for $11.55 at

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of the book to review by Andrews McMeel Publishing. The review is my own opinion.


EDIT: I randomly (using selected our winner: #15, Jen! Congrats Jen! You’ll be getting an email from me shortly.


  1. Nerdiest knit ever: Jayne’s hat from Firefly for my father in law.

  2. My first knitting project was a R2-D2 hat. BIG undertaking, but love wearing it around. My current project is a TARDIS scarf. I can’t wait to wear it.

  3. My first knitting project was a Jayne hat for my husband. It turned out so horrible that I wouldn’t let him wear it. :3

  4. I knitted a little cthulhu my wife love to cuddle.

  5. I’ve made the R2D2 hat from Carissa Knits, I’m currently working on a portal companion cube, I’ve made Harry Potter scarves, but I think my best geeky knit was a pattern I made myself for a double-knit scarf. It has a picture of Cthulhu’s face on each end and it says ‘Cthulhu fhtagn’ down the length of it. It was a present for my best friend, now boyfriend. It’s reversible too. One day I will get my act together and start selling them on etsy. I’m always looking for inspiration for my geeky knit ideas and this book sounds awesome!

  6. I got all the Opal Harry Potter sock yarn and intend to make really cool socks with it. I am, however, still working on the Hedwig socks. They’ve been so frustrating that I work on them until I want to throw them and then put them away again. Learning a lot about sock knitting though!

  7. I’m following you on Twitter – 3lilreds

  8. I “liked” you on FB. 🙂

  9. I LIKE the geeky hostess on facebook

  10. I knit a batman cape and hat/mask for my nephew.

  11. I knit the Jackalope fron Hansi Singh’s Amigrumi Knits. He’ s awesome!

  12. Well, I did make myself a Jayne hat, and it comes in handy during the Minnesota winters. And I just finished making myself a pair of armwarmers inspired by the Daleks from a pattern called “The Oncoming Storm.”
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. I became a twitter follower: @KimBea

  14. I liked your page on facebook:

  15. Not so nerdy but i have made a baby cupcake hat, beer coozys, and little hearts to give to people on valentine’s day.


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