Weeping Angel Embroidery

Do you hate your guests? Want to scare them with your decor? Then you’ve got to get your hands on this embroidery!

Wait for it…

(Don’t look away.)

I love the idea of a surprise flap. The snaps are a great touch.

No pattern yet, but you can read more details on the embroidery on Craftster.

(Source: Nerd Approved)


  1. Haha … love the Dr. Who reference. Wonder how many would get that … <3

  2. Not to be a nag, but this isn’t cross stitch. It’s embroidery =D

  3. So- you and I met at the speed dating at BlogHer. Told you I would take a peek at your site. I have to say, your first post is already a favorite of mine!

    If you find me at BlogHer, you’ll have to hear my ringtone. Guaranteed to please.

  4. Mir,

    Thanks for pointing that out! I’m a noob to cross-stitch/embroidery, but hope to learn more soon. I’ll edit the post!

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