What’s Your Resolution for 2012?

New Year’s Resolutions are an important (and often mocked) part of the changing of the years. Most people wish to lose weight, eat better, and finally get their inbox down to zero, and end up forgetting a week later. So how can you find a resolution you’ll actually be able to keep?

Make it Fun: Find something that will not only better yourself, but entertain you as well. In the past I’ve chosen to watch as many films as possible from the AFI Top 100 list, learn how to make all of my favorite dishes from scratch, and spend more time with friends. Resolutions don’t have to suck!

Have a Goal In Sight: Want to exercise more? Train for an upcoming marathon. Want to travel? Set a trip date and start saving! Having a specific goal will encourage you to keep active with your resolution.

Work in a Group: Tell your friends your resolutions so they can continue to encourage you. Ask them about theirs. If you have similar resolutions, work together to complete them! Start weekly cooking classes, a book group, or workout session.

Remind Yourself: Use a program like Followupthen.com to send yourself an email for a month from now, reminding you about your resolutions. Who better than yourself to remind you?

This year, I’ll be continuing to focus on making more meals at home and creating more awesome content for the blog. I can’t wait to see what 2012 has to offer!

What are your resolutions, and how do you plan to make them stick?

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  1. My first one is to start training for the future hunger games, in which I wouldn’t even stand a change in the shape that I am in now 😛

    No but for real, usually I’m not really one for Resolution. But there are some things that I really need to do.

    Find a Job, finally start taking driving lessons, get a place of my own, finish my site (which I just re-designed but left almost empty) and with any luck perhaps find a girlfriend 🙂

    But I guess you can count them as Resolutions 😛

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