Winter Fashion: Tech Enabled Clothing


Sometimes in the winter you have to leave the comfort of your home. ¬†You have to put down the video games, the book, and your favorite tv series to brave the wilderness that’s full of wind and snow and people. (shudder.)

But if you have tech enabled clothing, you can at least still use your phone or tablet or portable game system while out in public. And look just so-darn-cute while doing it.

My clothing includes:

  • Scottevest trench coat with 18 pockets for your phone, tablet, and a bajillion other things, as well as a Personal Area Network that allows you to guide wires and earphones through your jacket. Also, under it I’m wearing an alpaca scarf that I bought at that website for a great price and it is really warm and soft.
  • Touch capacitive gloves that allow you to use electronics while keeping your hands toasty. Mine were purchased last year at Target, but you can find similar ones on Amazon.
  • Earmuffs with headphones built in to keep you dancing and gaming while outside. Mine were a gift, but you can find similar ones on Amazon.
  • Black leggings and Cole Haan booties, because dressing up a little makes me feel better about leaving the house.

What’s your go-to winter outfit? Any other tech-enabled clothing I need to check out?

These photos were taken using the #HTCOne X+ as part of their #TroopOneX campaign. The phone was gifted to me by HTC for purposes of using and reviewing. All opinions (and goofy poses) are my own!


  1. I love that trench! The color is everything!

  2. Right? It’s such a great thing to wear in the dreary, gray winter. And it works for every season!

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