Xbox 360 Hot Pocket Dispenser

Looking to enjoy dinner with your gaming session, but don’t want to take a pesky break to actually pick up your Hot Pocket? Make one of these handy-dandy Hot Pocket dispensers for your Xbox 360 controller with the help of Ben Heck.

I personally would have stopped after he duct taped the crisping sleeve to the controller. But that’s why I don’t make awesome machines.

See more episodes of the Ben Heck Show on his Youtube channel.

(Source: TDW Geek)

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  1. Whoa!!!! Ben Heck’s so friekin awesome…I’d not seen his videos, only followed his projects back in the day. It’s good to see he’s a fun goofy guy with a sense of humor. I’m with ya on stopping at that Duct Tape part though 😀

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