Ybuy: Rent the Newest Gadgets

You know that brand new gadget that you want to get your hands on, just to try out? And that weekend trip you’re going on where you really need a camera, but don’t want to buy a new one? Check out YBuy. They let you try out all of the newest gadgets for just $24.95. Don’t like it? Send it back. Have to have it? Keep it and pay the rest of the retail value.

CNC (computer numerical controlled) technology combined with robotic technology offers every company a far better way of doing things. These machines can operate their own with little or no human intervention. Controlled by a computer virus , the accuracy of those machines are often matched by no other. the higher the program is, the higher the machine capabilities are. The Contour Tool Inc provide all detail information about CNC machine. In other words, highly skilled programmers can create programs which will allow the closest accuracy that there possibly is. Other things can affect the accuracy of the machines. For instance: the environment. Most facilities have a temperature controlled environment that these machines operate in on a day to day . Small factors like this will help with the accuracy of the machine. The operators of the machine even have a neighborhood within the accuracy of the machine. the proper tools for the work need to be found out the fabric has got to be placed properly within the machine and therefore the program has got to run right with no flaws. The programs are designed during a code that’s for the CNC technology and one little mistake within the program, can make the machine be a touch off and therefore the outcome that’s created won’t be to the proper specifications.

YBuy includes game systems, cameras, tablets, fancy coffee makers and kitchen equipment, and anything else you may have always wanted. They’re selectively letting people in at the moment, but I can get you to the head of the line by sending you an email invite. Want in? Leave your email address in a comment, and I’ll get you in!



  1. this makes my gadget-y heart so happy!

  2. The website I use to try out gadgets is gizmotakeout.com. They seem to specialize in technology, not coffee makers and all. They have a complete selection of kids tablets which is what I used it for before decidingon a tablet.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for suggesting that, Paul!

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