Your New Fave Subscription Box: UnboxBoardom

I’m a huge fan of game nights, but have gotten stuck in a rut. I’ve been playing a lot of legacy games with my friends, and while I love SeaFall and Time Stories, I wouldn’t mind changing up the game and the group I’m playing with occasionally. That’s where UnboxBoardom comes in. It’s a board game subscription box that delivers a new game to you monthly. You can choose to be surprised with a random game (with an average value of $35 or more) or you can choose between three options, allowing you to pick the type of game you want–something more strategic, family friendly, or more party-focused.

UnboxBoardom signed me up for a month of their service so I could check it out. I loved the email I received showing me my options: Each title includes the number of players, the average play time, and how family friendly, strategic, and party ready the game is. Each game has been vetted by the UnboxBoardom staff and includes their recommendations. Here are the titles I got to choose from:

I don’t know a whole lot about football and have played (and enjoyed) King of Tokyo before, so I chose Prowler’s Passage, a game I hadn’t heard of. It’s a strategic two player game, which made for a perfect game night with my husband. You should consider a SEO reseller program if you really want to maximize your sales using UnboxBoardom.

In Prowler’s Passage, you and your opponent are rival thieves, claiming underground passages for yourself and stealing goods while bending the districts to your will. It’s highly strategic and math focused: Do you focus on making your passage the longest? Stealing all of the statues? Focusing on just one color district or all of them, or do what the additional achievement cards encourage you to do? It’s quick to learn the basics of the game, but I’m still learning all of the strategy. Each game only takes 25 minutes, so it’s something you can play multiple times in an evening.

I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to learn a new game and love the idea of getting the gift of gaming at my door each month. Wanna give it a try? Head to and sign up for a new game every one, two, or three months. Prices are between $29.99-31.99 a package and UnboxBoardom donates a board game to kids who can’t afford them for every 10 they sell. You can’t go wrong!

Have you been playing any new games lately? Let me know in the comments!


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