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A Geeky Home

Ouija Board Furniture

  If this furniture actually existed, you could get into the Halloween spirit everyday with your very own Ouija Board carpet and coffee table. Alas, it is only a concept made by Dave Delisle. This makes me wonder…what other games would you like to see as furniture? What if every […]


Board Game Wedding Invites

I think something may be in the water… tons of lovely, geeky couples have gotten engaged over the last couple months. I get so excited when I see wedding plan updates on Facebook and Twitter! The most fun part of the wedding planning for me was finding ways to sneak […]

A Geeky Home

Frame Your Game

If you want to play an ongoing game of chess AND class up your living space, this is the way to do it. The Vertical Chess Set will set you back $300, but could be worth it if you’re a chess aficionado and perhaps put it next to your many […]