The Cones of Dunshire Is Going To Be An Actual Game You Can Play

If you’re a Parks and Rec fan and a lover of board games, your day has come. Ben Wyatt’s “gaming experience,” The Cones of Dunshire, is currently on Kickstarter to be made into a pricey Deluxe version. While the Kickstarter cheekily looks as if it’s from the accounting firm Ben worked at, it’s actually by Mayfair games, who¬†created the game for Parks and Recreation.

The Kickstarter will stay up¬†throughout the run of the last season of Parks and Rec, and hints at the fact that we’ll see The Cones of Dunshire on the show again. By pledging, you can get some Cones of Dunshire-branded swag, tickets to GenCon to see a jumbo-size charity game of The Cones of Dunshire played, or for $500+, you can get your own deluxe version to play whenever you’d like. Mayfair claims they have no plans to make an affordable commercial version: instead they want to appeal to super fans of the show and game that will be wiling to spend the money for an exclusive item. It will only be available through this Kickstarter. Which brings me to the question: Who do I know that will be purchasing a copy? I’d be happy to provide snacks if I can play. I call Ledgerman.

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