Adopt an Olive Tree

I love olive oil. LOVE it. We don’t even use butter in my household. We use olive oil on EVERYTHING.

So what would be better than having our own signature olive oil from our own olive tree?
Nudo allows you to adopt your own olive tree from the grove of your choice. In the Spring, you’ll received a package with olive oil made from that tree, and in the Autumn, you’ll receive additional flavored olive oils.

Although a little pricy at $109, I feel this is a unique gift for the perfect host/olive oil lover… or just a great conversation starter in your own home.


  1. We are the SAME way about olive oil! 🙂 This is a great gift!

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  3. Holy cow this is an amazing concept. I have to get in on this 🙂 I am a HUGE tea fanatic. I would totally give some of my tea to my little brother. He’s as much of an addict as I am. Oh! Maybe this would be the perfect Christmas gift for him!!! ^_^ Thank you so much for bringing this awesome company to my attention!

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