Adorable Fandom Wedding Invitations

Fandom Wedding Invites

If you’re planning a geeky or fandom-centric wedding, then you’ve gotta check out these printable invites. Paperling has created four new sets of invitations based on couples from some of your favorite movies and shows: Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. And the best part? For $45 you will receive a customized template with your invitation, save the date, RSVP card, and Thank You card. That means you can go and print them on the paper you want for the cost you want. You can even choose between four fonts and if you’d rather have a colored or white background, if  you want to learn more about the best invitations and other wedding preparations you can visit online.

Fandom Invites 2

This seems like an adorable, fun, and cost effective way to get wedding invites for the venue reception barn in Nashville TN, especially if you’re having a themed wedding around any of these fandoms!

Are you adding geeky elements to your wedding invitations?


  1. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are fantastic! My husband and I applied two of our fandoms to our wedding and activities.
    We had a Harry Potter themed engagement shoot (seen here: )
    And our wedding and announcements were Musical themed. We did our program as playbills (with headshots of our guests!
    But, I wish had had more time with Doctor Who before we had planned anything. I would have LOVED a TARDIS cake!

  3. Christina Morton

    These are adorable! I want Harry Potter or Doctor Who wedding invites when the boyfriend and I get married.

  4. Joie, no way are those real-life engagement photos. You guys look too perfect! 😉 I LOVE the flying broomstick shots!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my invites, and for the lovely comments. Yay! 😀

  6. Thank YOU for making such lovely invites!

  7. Gosh, I wish these had been around when I got married! … But we still had awesome Tardis-themed ones, so I’m not too upset 🙂 These are super adorable though! … If any of our single geek-friends ever get married, I will have to show it to them! 🙂

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