An Interview with Cary Elwes

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Cary Elwes while he was in town promoting his new book, “As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride.” In between observing the Princess Bride costumes at the EMP and picking up Westley’s sword for the first time in 27 years(!), he answered a few questions for us.

If your character was a cocktail, what would that cocktail recipe be?

Well, there is a wine out there that has been licensed through Act 3 Communications, which is Norman Lear’s company, and so you can actually purchase wine that has Westley and Buttercup on one of them, and Vizzini on the other one, so there are wines available–without Iocane powder in them. You’ll have to go to the Princess Bride website, and you can find them there! (It looks like the wine may no longer be available, but you can see the bottles here.)

You mentioned earlier that you hear a lot about Princess Bride weddings. Can you share some of the stories and tips you’ve heard about the Ultimate Princess Bride Wedding?

Sure, well, I’ve seen a number of photographs over the years, and people have these menus that they make and very stylized things that they’ve decided to serve their guests, and obviously, folks mimicking these wedding dresses by beb pointing to Buttercup’s  dress  and clergymen, and offering peanuts to folks, it’s great fun. It’s a celebration. Of Twue Wuv. (Check out my Princess Bride Wedding Pinterest Board for some great pics and ideas!)

I hear you mention some fun times out partying and drinking with everyone off set and after hours in your book. I was wondering if you had a specific story in mind you’d like to share? 

Yeah, sure. Well Andre, poor guy, was in a lot of pain, he had terrible back problems, not only from carrying all the weight around, but from wrestling over the years, and the only way he could deal with the pain that he had was to drink, so, when we wrapped the movie, after the New York premiere, he took me out drinking. And that was quite an event–but you have to read the book to check it out. It’s quite funny.

You heard the man, read the book! (And lucky for you, Amazon can get you a copy before Christmas!) I can’t wait to read it–after hearing him chat just shortly about some of the behind the scenes stories, I need to know more!

Are you a Princess Bride fan? Will you be picking up the book?


  1. Awesome that you got to interview him! Good job! I’ve added the book to my Kindle wishlist…
    I had no idea that people did Princess Bride wedding themes (don’t know why that didn’t occur to me).
    I like the quote on the wooden board on your Pinterest board. It’s not overly themeing it, but it brings in. It made me think, what if you had a bunch of board with different love/wedding quote from different movies/books/shows, and you guests could pick their favorites for a picture? I like that idea. OR, like the quote on the napkin, but different quotes for all the napkins. Now, to find a groom…

  2. LOVE those ideas, Kristin! (And yeah, I also hadn’t thought of a Princess Bride wedding before chatting with him! Such a good idea, though!)

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