Brew Beer Like Wil Wheaton!


I love that the homebrewing community and geeky community so often overlaps. And while I haven’t homebrewed myself, I’ve gotten to try a few and it’s so much fun to see how people’s tastes and personalities fuse into their brews.

Thanks to Northern Brewer, you can now brew beer like Wil Wheaton! The first of many kits they’ll be teaming up to produce is the VandelEyes PA, named after Anne Wheaton’s “Vandal Eyes” project that I’m a big fan of. The finished product is “a wonderfully balanced IPA that has a noticeable caramel malt backbone, and a fresh citrusy hop profile with a huge, in your face aroma.” The base kit, which makes 5 gallons, starts at $45.45.

Have you homebrewed before? Planning on doing it anytime soon?


  1. No joke, I was in a liquor store today and saw a beer called Thundar the Bavarian.

  2. @Mariko- That’s pretty awesome! My favorite beer name is Monty Python’s Holy Ale. I’ve only seen it a couple of times though.

    No homebrewing for me but pretty awesome for Wil Wheaton! I saw him at MegaCon last year and he spoke about his homebrewing hobby for a little bit.

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