Cinderella’s Glass Slippers IRL

Marc Jacobs made one of our childhood dreams come true: He created a pair of shoes reminiscent of Cinderella’s glass slippers.

My only fear is that these would look like jellies when on. And/or that it would show your feet all scrunched up at the front, which would be less than appealing.

Still, these would be pretty awesome under a wedding dress for those who have always wanted to feel like a princess.

Transparent Pump, $595 at La Garconne.


  1. Yeeeeeeeesssss!!!!! Now someone please give me $600…

    I have always dreamt of walking into the glass shop in New Orleans Square, Disneyland, and asking them to make me a pair. One day…one day.

  2. The end of the video was awesome. Well played.

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