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About seven months ago I did a post on a new product, the Color Bug. It gives your hair a nice, bright bit of temporary color without being stiff or sticky like spray-on colors. It looked neat, but I was hesitant to try it. Would it be messy? Would I do it right? Would it really be temporary? I’ve never dyed my hair any crazy colors, but I always secretly wanted to try.

Swink Style Bar started offering the color chalking as a service, and invited me to give it a try. Mr. Geek could tell you–I was kind of bouncing up and down the morning of my appointment. I was excited for pink hair!

The chalk is messy to put on, but wasn’t too messy once it was in my hair. It did rub off a bit on my jacket, and the color definitely faded throughout the day, but it easily rinses off of everything and rinses out of your hair just as easily. (Pro Tip: If you brush your hair while it’s in it, your brush WILL turn bright pink. It comes off, but still.)

My appointment was so much fun and left me with glamorous and edgy hair that turned a few heads as I walked through the city. I may not be the type to dye my hair permanently, but for special occasions or the right con/cosplay, I can definitely see getting this done again.

You can try it too: Color chalking plus a dry style at Swink is available for $50. If you spray the color with a bunch of hairspray and sleep carefully with a towel over your pillow, you could even keep the color/style for a couple days! Would you try this? What’s the wildest hair color you’ve worn?

I was provided with a free service from Swink in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Pink hair is an AWESOME look for you!! 🙂

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