Desert Bus For Hope

The fine folks over at Loading Ready Run are getting ready to do something that takes strength, endurance, and a whole lot of driving through a desert: their 6th annual Desert Bus For Hope. They play Desert Bus, which some have called “the most boring video game ever made” for a time period determined by the donations they receive. Last year they played for six days and raised more than $383,000 dollars for Child’s Play. At the time of writing, they’re currently at 83 hours for this year, and Desert Bus begins Friday evening.

How about you throw a small donation their way and see their time go up? Then make sure you tune in this weekend (and, most likely, all of next week) to see what they’re up to. You’ll see special guests, fun events, and awesome live and silent auction items curated and crafted by members of the geek community. I’m looking forward to tuning into this event. Fun times, great auction items, and a chance to donate to a fantastic charity? You can’t go wrong.

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