Con*Quest: The Con Adventure Journal

While at NYCC, I came across a fantastic new tool for convention goers: Con*Quest, a con adventure journal. The journal, a successful Kickstarter project, is a way to keep all of your autographs, sketches, prints, business cards, and photos in one place. It’s like a scrapbook or smash book for geeks.

The journal has specific pages for the types of “quests” (autograph, artist, cosplay, panel, etc.), business card pages, pages to hold prints, a zipper pouch for anything small, and a spot to put your trusted sharpie. It even comes with an adorable tote bag (with shoulder-length strap) to carry it in!

While this works for all-ages and is fantastic for any type of con, I can really see this catching on with kids and first-time con goers. It gives you a great idea of everything you can do at a convention, and makes sure you have everything in one easy location.

And if you weren’t already in love with the journal and this company, wait till you hear about their Con*pliment Cards. These cards are a fun, easy, and appropriate way to compliment someone on their cosplay or artwork. It’s a great thing to give to someone after you’ve taken a picture of them (with their permission, of course)–it has a spot for you to put your twitter handle or Instagram account so they know where they can find the picture later! I’m all about spreading kindness and I think this is such a cool idea.

You can purchase a Con*Quest journal (as well as extra pages, a mini journal, and con*pliment cards) at, or you can enter below to win your own! Bonus: Use code “NYCC” to save 10%!

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  1. So excited, the journals look great!

  2. I go to C2E2, Chicago Star Trek Con, and Chicago Comic Con every year, I could use this at any of those!

  3. what a great idea! Something to keep track of everything without killing my phone’s battery!

  4. This is such a great idea! I’m hoping to use this at San Diego Comic Con, and, Pensacola Comic Con!!!

  5. I’ve been to several small cons, but I’m really going to try to make it to ComicCon next and something like this would be GREAT to help remember everything and capture the memories. (I’m sure it will be sensory overload while I’m there!)

  6. We love going to cons! This would be great!

  7. I have never been to one and I hope to go to a Supernatural convention soon!

  8. I have one too and I love it! It’s a great little journal!

  9. Brilliant idea! I’d use mine a PAX East, Montreal ComicCon & Toronto Fan Expo.

  10. Nice idea for a separate journal from the one I usually use when travelling.

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