You Asked For It: “Sexy” Kool-Aid Man Costume

I’m beginning to worry about you all. Sure, I get the sexy shark costume. Sharks are dangerous. Sexy Boba Fett I understand. I mean, it’s Boba. But the Kool-Aid Man? This is the “sexy” Halloween costume you wanted me to wear?

Lucky for you, even if I begin to worry, I still have your best interest at heart. And your best interest was to see me in a Kool-Aid Man costume with fishnets. And even luckier for you, didn’t bat an eye when I said I needed the Kool-Aid costume, fishnet tights, and long red satin gloves.

As a disclaimer, I tried so hard to find a brick wall with a hole in it, but apparently Seattle likes to keep their buildings in somewhat decent condition. This wall with a painted over spot was the next best thing–I like to think they were just repairing it from my last visit, and I’m back to taunt them.

Special thanks goes to the lovely and talented Liz Leo for taking what looks like high fashion photos on a windy day in the middle of an old parking lot in Seattle. She’s amazing!

Ok, ok, without further ado. Here are some ridiculous(ly awesome) pics of me as the Kool-Aid Man. The costume itself recommends you stuff it with newspaper or other padding, but the wind wasn’t cool with that idea. So instead, you get a Kool-Aid Man inspired dress-type-thing. You know you love it.

Kool Aid Collage 1

Kool Aid 3

Pick up your own Kool-Aid Man costume at (You can still get your costume in time for Halloween with some of their shipping options!)

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?



  2. Oh wow! That is an amazing costume!

  3. That thing is hideous. Hilarious, but hideous. 🙂

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