Weirdest “Sexy” Halloween Costumes 2015

It’s that glorious time of the year again. I share some of my favorite weird-yet-sexy costumes, and you vote on which one I must wear in a photo shoot. Why do I do this? Well, I don’t know. But you all seem to love it. Past winners have included The Kool-Aid Man, Boba Fett, and a “Sexy” Shark.

I’ve found a lot of fun options this year, so get ready for a whole bunch of choices. Let me know your faves in the comments below! I’ll tally up the votes on Monday, October 5th and start planning my shoot. And if you feel inspired to wear your own ridiculously sexy costume, you can find all of these at! (Click the pics to see a larger version.)

Fairy Tale Heroines 

These ladies will live sexily ever after. 


[row][column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Snow White

Snow White

She may be the fairest of them all, but her outfit needed some jazzing up. Now that it’s covered in sequins, woodland creatures, dwarves, and princes won’t be able to resist her!


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Mermaid


This is like if Elle Woods and Barbie worked together to create a dream mermaid. That is a compliment.


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Red

Red Riding Hood

Man, you thought you felt uncomfortable watching Johnny Depp get all predatory with Red. Wait till you see this sexy costume of a child visiting her grandma!


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Robin Hood

Robin Hood

I steal from the rich and give to the sexy. Oo de lally indeed!
[/column] [/row]

Fairy Tale Villains

It’s good to be bad.

[row][column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Cruella Devil

Cruella de Vil

So she likes furs and fine leather goods. What’s wrong with a woman her treats herself?


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Ursula


Ursula: Sexy sea urchin and mentor to young girls. Stresses the importance of girls’ voices.


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Maleficent


The party don’t start till she walks in. I’m loving this sexy shoulder baring version of her traditional costume.


Women Throughout History

Women wore a lot less clothing than you may have thought.

[row][column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Medusa


Medusa was a monster, right? And supposed to be hideous? Am I missing something?


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Medieval

Warrior Queen

Who needs protective armor when you’ve got a sword and heels?


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Viking


Ok, honestly, there’s been new research proving that there were a lot of women vikings, and that’s pretty awesome. But I’m guessing actual female vikings wore pants. [/column]

[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

Wear this, and you’ll have an excuse to talk about and eat cake all night. Win-win.



Don’t be afraid to get wild this Halloween!

[row][column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Dalmation


This is the easiest way to pick up a Firefighter without using a lighter.


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Zebra

Fever Zebra

What the hell is a fever zebra? Is it a zebra one sees in a fever dream? This outfit is terrifying.


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Dinosaur


Get Chris Pratt over here, asap. I need to be tamed.  [/column][/row]

Sexy Mario Bros

You’re no longer limited to only dressing as Princess Peach.

[row][column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Mario


No one can resist that mustache.


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Bowser


Pair this with a little yellow dress and Mario will forget all about that princess he was looking for.


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Toad


Always the Toad, never the Princess, am I right? (Who decided to make this costume?) [/column]

[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Yoshi


Give Mario a ride he’ll never forget.


As Seen on TV

Ruining your childhood classics, but in a sexy way. 

[row][column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny

Dress up as everyone’s favorite extremely violent and occasionally racist rabbit!


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Bert


You could wear this out to a Halloween party, but I’m guessing Bert himself would rather stay at home.


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Power Ranger

Pink Power Ranger

This version of the iconic uniform may be a bit difficult to fight in. [/column]

[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Baywatch


Baywatch’s lifeguard uniforms were sexy enough. How did the Halloween costume add MORE clothing? AND an innertube?


Super Sexy

These characters are putting the “graphic” in graphic novels. 

[row][column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Anime Wonder Woman

Anime Wonder Woman

I didn’t know there was an anime Wonder Woman until I saw this costume. I checked out the show, and holy cow, she’s bad-ass. I’m not even gonna make a joke. She’s that cool.


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Harlequin

Harley Quinn

She likes a guy with a sense of humor. And a criminal record.


[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

You can guarantee that no one will kiss you while you’re in this costume… [/column]

[column size=”one-fourth”]

Costume Storm


You make a mutant look good.


So, dear readers, what will it be? What costume will I be wearing for my annual Halloween shoot? Leave a comment below with your top choice(s)!


  1. Definitely Bowser.

  2. YOSHI




  3. Fever Zebra. It’s just weird.

  4. It’s a tie for me: Cruella De Vil or Ursula

  5. I’m going to vote dinosaur because that comment was hilarious.


  7. Marie Antoinette. Although Bert comes in a close second for very strangest.

  8. DINOSAUR. So hilarious

  9. Yoshi, Bert, Bowser, or Fever Zebra. Is it bad that I would legit wear that Medusa costume?

  10. Meagan, I would legit wear a few of these costumes! I think the Medusa one is really fun. 🙂

  11. Fever zebra. But only because you’d have to say “Fever Zebra” about a million times to explain what you are dressed as.

  12. Ursula or fever zebra!

  13. Dinosaur or Ursula are my top picks.

  14. OMG the dinosaur.
    It’s so so so ridiculous!!!!

  15. Dinosaur! Your husband can totally be Bryce Dallas Howard’s character (with 6″ pumps that stayed on through the entire movie) from Jurassic World for the ultimate couples costume.


    It’s not even competition. The others are too normal (which is sad…).

  17. Weirdly torn between Marie Antoinette and the Dinosaur.

  18. Chelsea, YES. So much yes.

    Kristina, I sincerely hope you have other opportunities in your life to say that exact sentence again. It’s magical.

  19. Ursula!

    Though if it were me dressing up, I would want Mario.

  20. I would vote Sexy Bert, but it almost seems too demure. Zebra, all the way. Just. So. Weird.

  21. I think I’m going to have to go with Dinosaur as well, even though I really like the sexy Ursula and the mermaid….I would like to see you as the dino! It’s so relevant with Jurassic World 😀

  22. FEVER ZEBRA!!! It’s like someone took a Mean Girls-esque animal costume to a rave!

  23. I feel like the superhero ones aren’t even that “sexy” or revealing compared to some of the ones they’ve been drawn in. Also I would legit wear that Ursula one. That being said, I think Sexy Bert is my favorite. Followed by Yoshi and Fever Zebra.

  24. My philosophy is always “if given the choice between robots or dinosaurs, choose both”.

    However, since robots have been removed from this equation, DINOSAUR.

  25. Fartsmeller Junior

    Dinosaur. Please, for the love of everything holy, pick the dinosaur.

  26. Dinosaur! I bet you could get Chris Pratt involved…YOU CAN DO IT!!

  27. Greg and I both vote for Yoshi.

    Does that count as 2 votes?

  28. I’m a day late, but I would have voted for Bert. I was going to vote for Ursula, but Bert was just too funny.

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