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$8 Costume Sale!

I posted a while back about a $10 costume sale BuyCostumes was having, and I ended up buying a bunch of stuff myself. Well, today they announced that many of the costumes/accessories from that sale are now $8 or less! Ridiculous. If you need costumes, check out the sale. If […]

Geeky Fashion

$10 Costumes!

BuyCostumes.com is having some sort of crazy sale where a large amount of their costumes and shoes are on sale for $10 each. It’s for today only, but if you hurry, you can fill up your cart, same as I did. I can’t wait for my lightning bolt heels! Find […]

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“Sexy” Halloween Costumes 2012

Every year, I have a good ol’ time putting together a list of my favorite “sexy” Halloween costumes that are available to purchase. The past two years, Buy Costumes has been awesome enough to help me up the ante: I post the most ridiculous “sexy” costumes, you all vote on […]