Customize Your KitchenAid Mixer

When I was engaged, I was told by everyone that I “needed a KitchenAid mixer.” That I could finally get a KicthenAid mixer and I would love it like a child (same story was with my personal espresso machine). I was confused. I mean, part of me did really want one, and part of me was like “It’s a giant, expensive thing that just…mixes stuff.”

But I did get that KitchenAid mixer. And I don’t know what kind of fairy cult dust was in that box, but I LOVE it. It mixes stuff and so much more! Let’s just say that I wouldn’t be making so many baked goods if I didn’t have that. The only problem? I didn’t want to get one of the fun colors, for fear of outgrowing it or moving to a kitchen that would one day clash with it, so I got a nice onyx black. It’s sleek, but it doesn’t stand out or show my personality. So what’s a girl to do?

Get some of these amazing KitchenAid decals. The decals can be removed easily so when you do outgrow the design, you can just go back to your normal mixer or put on a new decal. It’s a fun way to show your fun/geeky side without potentially ruining or harming an expensive piece of equipment! Take a look at some of my favorites, below:

Skull Cupcake Decal
kitchenaid mixer decal skulls and cupcakes

You’re cute and sweet, but NO ONE gets between you and your cupcakes. Share the warning with these decals, available in sets of 8 for $5.99 or 16 for $9.99.

Sir Mix A Lot
kitchenaid mixer decal sir mix a lot

Show your mixer the respect he deserves by calling him “sir” (and honoring a rapper at the same time, if that’s your thing.) The decal’s available for $5.99.

 Wonder Woman
kitchenaid mixer decal wonder woman

Your mixer’s essentially a superhero, and so are you for making all of those delicious treats. Show this with the Wonder Woman decals including the large logo, stars, and a piece for the top of the mixer. The set’s available for $15.99.

Just Beat It
kitchenaid mixer decals just beat it

Pay homage to Michael Jackson and remind your mixer of its job with this decal, available for $10.00. This Etsy shop has some other punny designs including Stir Crazy and Whip It, Whip It Good.

The Dark Knight
kitchenaid mixer decals dark knight

This decal shows off your love of Batman in a pretty way. It can be super discreet if you don’t include the decal that says “The Dark Knight” and just use the design. This decal’s available at

Have you decorated your mixer? Which decal should I get for mine?


  1. Those are awesome! (mine has flames… and I love it so much.)

  2. Ooh! Flames would be so cool!

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