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Customize Your KitchenAid Mixer

When I was engaged, I was told by everyone that I “needed a KitchenAid mixer.” That I could finally get a KicthenAid mixer and I would love it like a child (same story was with my personal espresso machine). I was confused. I mean, part of me did really want […]

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Mass Effect Mixer

The owner of the Derlaine Art Tumblr has the best boyfriend in the world–he modded their Nerf gun and Kitchen Aid Mixer to fit in the Mass Effect world. While the gun is obviously painted (most likely with a stencil), the mixer looks like it may be decorated with decals. […]

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Wonder Woman KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAid Brazil’s Facebook page released this pic of a special edition KitchenAid Mixer… and I want it. I’m not sure when it’s available and for how much, but at this point it may be in Brazil only. There are some folks that think it’s offensive to put Wonder Woman on […]

Fun Food

Patience is a Virtue

I’ve recently begun learning how to make ice cream. The biggest things I’ve learned? Be patient and follow directions. Now, this is hard for a lot of us geeks. We want to throw out instructions and recipes and say “we know a better way!” However, I’ve learned it might be […]