Decorate with Octopi

What is it with geeks and octopi? Is it the relation to Cthulu? Kraken? Steampunk? Just huge fans of Ursula? Or maybe the sea in general? Anyway, whatever it is, octopi + geeks = true love. So I was thrilled to see all of these items appear in Pottery Barn’s spring line. Outfit your whole house with octopi!

Octopus Serving Pedestal
Octopus Serving Pedestal
Display a fancy cake or a new bottle of Kraken on this awesome serving pedestal. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while, and will definitely stand out at your next party!
$89.00 at

Octopus Salt and Pepper Cellars
Salt & Pepper
Salt and Pepper shakers are out–whatever this is is in. Allow this fierce-looking octopus to guard your salt and pepper!
$24.50 at

Octopus Bottle Stopper
Octopus Bottle Stopper
This cute lil guy is the perfect addition to a gift of wine for the octopus-lover in your life. Plus, it instantly turns your bottle into an item you can display!
$16.50 at

Are you an octopus-lover? Let me know what you think the correlation to geek culture is down in the comments!

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  1. I, for one ,welcome our new cephalopod overlords.

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