Geek Fashion: Finds from ECCC

If you’re looking to expand your geek wardrobe, look no further than  your local con. In the past I’ve purchased t-shirts and aprons, but this year I focused on fun accessories. Lucky for you, you can pick up everything I got online! Take a look:

Tardis Scarf

I’ve been eyeing this scarf online for a while, and was thrilled to see it at the con! I bought it instantly. The scarf is long (almost 8 feet), and made from a t-shirt-style jersey knit, meaning it’s light, comfortable, and drapes well. The scarf’s available at Binary Winter’s Etsy shop as well as some sweet t-shirts and ties. You’ll love everything there!

Cupcake Socks

I couldn’t NOT get cupcake socks. has tons of adorable clothes and accessories, check them out!

Espionage Cosmetics

I had the pleasure of getting a demo of Espionage Cosmetics by the CEO/Artistic Director, Jaimie Cordero (seen above. Don’t you LOVE her hair?). After the demo, I purchased a few colors and have been wearing them ever since. This makeup is versatile, fun to use, and stays on for a long time. I love it! Be on the lookout for a full post on Espionage in the future.

Do you stock up on Geek Fashion/Beauty products at cons? What’s your favorite purchase?


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